What do you think about genetically modified food?

There is little to no proof that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are harmful. We have been modifying our foods through cross-breeding and cross-pollination for thousands of years, with no negative results. People are now living longer and healthier lives. When is the last time that tuberculosis was an epidemic or most people died of “old age” at 50? We are living longer and better.

We also need to remember that all DNA are proteins. Modification to genetic structure, the DNA, will only result in a different type of protein. Proteins are broken down in the digestive system. Even though scientists are changing the DNA structure, it will still be digested. It is still a protein. For those people worried that scientists could be creating indigestible proteins, again, there is little to no proof that this is actually happening.

There are some things we need to be cautious about. For instance, we know that you can overdose on certain vitamins. So, the current push to take huge amounts of vitamin D could be harmful. Caution should be exercised there. For GMOs, there is not the same background knowledge—in fact, the knowledge that we have says that GMOs have yet to be proven unsafe. It is too early in the game to bad-list GMOs. There is not enough evidence against them.

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