Can I have a sweet every once in awhile?
Your articles say, "NO, NO, NO," to any types of sweetener or dessert. Have you found any sweeteners that are permissible on occasion? All-or-nothing is often the mindset of a disordered eater. Surely moderation is the key.

I do not believe the moderation philosophy is applicable with sweets/sweeteners. Sweets and sweeteners are always damaging to our health. It would be like asking, "Is there one particular type of tobacco that is okay?" There is none. Tobacco is damaging to our health at all times. So "all-or-nothing" does apply. It is the same with sugar and sweeteners.

Be wary of saying all foods must be permissible. This is just a variation on the all-or-nothing approach, and a poor variation at that. One must evaluate each food’s value on its own. To blindly say all foods must be acceptable is what causes many of our health problems, and is in itself a type of eating disorder, one in which the person devours whatever they crave and pays no attention to how it impacts their health.

Remember, be careful not to exalt moderation more than it deserves. Moderation should be applied to good things—don’t eat buckets of vegetables, don’t run 50 miles a day. The moderation argument cannot be applied to bad things. You wouldn’t want the police to allow murder in moderation. You shouldn’t hit yourself with a hammer in moderation. Harmful is harmful. There is no moderation when it comes to harm. Sweets are harmful, and thus should always be avoided.

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