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October 2011 - Look what’s happening in Wisconsin!
State Health Freedom Activists are having an impact for health freedom!

Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition is introducing a Consumer Choice and Wellness bill and opposing a monopolistic Dietitian licensing bill initiative. Go Wisconsin!

Grass roots activists all over the country are working within their own states for health freedom initiatives that will ensure that consumers can have access to the healing practitioners of their choice and that those practitioners will have the right to practice. These initiatives are working! Today eight states have safe harbor exemptions in place that give many holistic practitioners an exemption from charges of practicing medicine without a license. And health freedom groups are also rising up successfully in many cases to prevent the passage of laws that would give a monopoly to some practitioners: for example, licensure of dietitians that would prohibit other people from giving nutritional advice.

Wisconsin is an example of a state where citizens are working on both issues simultaneously. Wisconsin’s grassroots work can help you understand what might be needed in your own state.

National Health Freedom Action is here to support your work on issues that impact your right to have access to the healing practitioners, information and products that you feel are important for your health and survival.

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