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Request for Opposition Letters to
LRB-0253 "Dieticians" Licensing

RE Wisconsin: Request for Opposition Letters to LRB-0253 Currently Circulating for Co-Sponsorship: "dietitians"—Registered Dietitians licensing to monopolize Nutrition in Wisconsin. Dear Nutrition Organizations and Supplement Manufactures, Raw Milk, etc.

This is a request for opposition letters to oppose LRB-0253 currently circulating for co-sponsorship: "dietitians" licensing.


August 31, 2011 is the deadline for co-sponsorship of LRB-0253, "dietitians" licensing.
Please send me your opposition letters ASAP for my files.  You can also email every Wisconsin Assembly Legislator and their staff.


National Health Freedom opposition to "dietitians" licensing:



Thank you,


Syncha Maniscalco

President WIHFC.com

The Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition is a non profit 501(c)(4) non profit organization lobbying for consumer choice in natural health choices and wellness information.

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