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Testimony at Senate Public Health Committee September 17, 2009

Legal comments and testimony of many people at the 2009 Wisconsin SB 115 hearing. Click here for video link. It is very eye-opening to watch the entire hearing.  It is six hours long, but incredibly informative. You are encouraged to watch the entire video. Specific portions of interest can also be found by fast-forwarding to time:

1:07:55 - Karen Hurd's Testimony

2:44:25 - Crux of the Legislation: "Someone who is an alternative care provider cannot practice dietetics and nutrition care services. They could potentially use the term nutritionist by itself, but they still could not practice that—what’s defined as dietetics and nutrition care services."

5:29:37 - Scott Vandenhouten, General Counsel for Standard Process, a manufacturing company for whole food supplements. Analysis of SB 115 with respect to their business and the alternative-health-care sector.


The partner bill to to SB 115 is AB440. Please read this bill and note how the bill removes food from the public domain and into the realm of licensure.

For those thinking of what to do in response to these bills, we are pleased to say that due to the overwhelming grassroots effort, these bills were killed for the 2009-10 session. However, in the next legislative session, it is very likely the bill will be reintroduced. We will do our best to introduce and endorce a health-freedom bill during the next session. Please keep an eye on the political climate—we'll need to work together to protect our rights to freedom of health-care choice.

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