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I was referred to Karen in 1996 by a stranger who spoke very highly of her. I was desperate at the time. My 2 year old autistic son was literally dying of starvation. Our pediatric gastroenterologist had diagnosed him as having anorexia. This poor, frail child was the size of a 9 month old, unable to walk, jaundiced and with no appetite. He screamed most of his waking hours with severe pain. We were unsuccessful in finding any food he was interested in and he had gone 3 weeks with nothing but a bit of milk every day. The doctor was prepared to admit him to the hospital the very next week to begin tube feeding.

After a consultation with Karen, she agreed to take on this very difficult case. I remember thinking that her recommendations sounded unusual, almost simplistic. But when she explained why, the course of treatment made perfect sense. So our family diligently followed her recommendations. After one week, our son had an appetite and was eating more per meal than he had eaten in months. The constant screaming stopped! We continued the treatment and after a year, our son had grown 7 1/2 inches and gained 9 pounds. It was absolutely astounding. Not only didn't he need to be hospitalized, but the doctors said he was the "healthiest autistic child I have ever seen". During that year, our son gained strength throughout his entire body and was able to walk as well. Another amazing item of note is that our son, who before seeing Karen was constantly sick and on antibiotics, has not needed prescription antibiotics since his treatment--and it has been 6 years.

Next it was time to take care of myself. Stress can wreak havoc on a body and in just my early 30's I was not in good shape. I suffered from chronic stomach pain, gas and bloating. I was unable to eat any high fat or high fiber foods (such as fruits and vegetables) without intense abdominal distress. My immune system was also weak and I was frequently sick. Again, I consulted with Karen. Karen set me up on a plan to strengthen my immune system and enable me to gradually eat more foods. It took discipline on my part and it took time, but I can say that today I am able to eat anything with no distress whatsoever to my gut. I am enjoying salads, fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and even pizza without any problems. It used to take me 3-5 weeks to get over a common cold, today it takes me 5-7 days, and I am sick far less often.

Karen is the most well-read nutritionist I have ever met. As a matter of fact, I even took a nutrition course in college and have learned much more from Karen. I have referred friends, family, and even strangers to Karen and without exception she has been able to help everyone. I would recommend that anyone wanting to improve their health heed her advice. She is right on target.

A.M., Chicago, Illinois

Hi, Karen. I recently watched one of your DVD seminars. My cousin, S. B., is a client of yours and she mailed me the video several months ago. The first time I put it in it didn't work, so I put off watching it. Recently, something told me to try again. Boy, am I glad I did. Surprisingly, my husband was willing to watch it too.

We looked at each other after watching, and agreed we had to do something. We quit sugar, artificial sweetners, and caffeine about 2 1/2 weeks ago. We've also added either oatmeal or beans to almost every meal. What a difference!!!

My 7 year old daughter, who has ADHD, has been the most improved. It is truly amazing. My obstinate girl has become much sweeter and much more helpful. Her teachers have noticed a difference, too. My 5 year old son, who has mild autism, has improved greatly in focus and attention. He's carrying on conversations a lot better, too. We had taken him off of all dairy products about a year ago because of tummy trouble, but have reintroduced all but milk. He is almost normal in the BM department now. My 9 year old son is sleeping better and hasn't wet the bed despite increasing his water intake.

We are praising The Lord for these changes, and wanted to thank you for what we've learned through the video and your website. I still have a ton of questions (I'm saving up for a phone session with you), like why are my husband and I soooo tired, but just this start is such a life changer.

Thank you so, so much for your ministry and your boldness. God bless.

Annie Duffield, Thorne Bay, Alaska

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