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I just needed to tell you that yesterday I saw my doctor, and even when they took my blood pressure right in the office it was 116/72, and she looked at my other readings which ran the same way, and she said, "OK you win, you are off your meds!"  I said, "Cold turkey?" She said, "Yes, but still keep track of your blood pressure, ok?"  I agreed.  Then she said, "Gerri do you realize that you are not on any prescription meds?" I said that I surely did, and at my age no less.  She said, "Due to your weight loss do you think?" I said, "That and my way of eating." She asked if I looked forward to a meal the way I eat, and I said, "Oh, sure I do."  I told her that when for whatever reason I'm off my eating plan, may it be big or small that I notice in my own personality that I am not doing well.  I just had to let you know, and I will be calling to make an appointment to see you soon!

G. H., Gordon, Wisconsin

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