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Dear Karen!

I asked you in September 2006 about a diet for my mother, who suffered from bladder cancer. You answered me and my mother followed your instructions. Two weeks ago she was at her doctor. The results were very gladdening! The tumor is beginning to regress.

My mother is very happy and she has hope again. She thanks you very much.

I'm thankful you for all your kindness and for your advice.

I.K., Eastern Europe

Thank you, Karen, for this website! The information is excellent. I was so happy with the results of following your plan I wanted to share my experience with you. A while back I went to my medical practitioner because I had blood clots in my leg and lung. They found an egg-sized tumor while I was there.

My friends from Chili, Wisconsin, recommended you and your website. I followed the cancer plan you outlined for 4 or 4½ weeks. Then I had a lung biopsy. They told me the test would take an hour. It took 15 minutes. The technicians stood in a group whispering before one came over to give me the results. The tumor had shrunk by 50%!

Wow! To say I was pleased is the truth. My doctors couldn’t believe that vitamins and garlic could do this, but they did tell me to go home and keep doing whatever I was doing. I will! Tumors don’t normally shrink when you are doing no treatment—but I was doing a treatment: nutrition. I also had a lot of people praying for me. I’m sending other people your way, and I plan to keep on with this nutrition plan. Thanks again!

R.B., Clark County, Wisconsin

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