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I called and talked to Karen about lowering my cholesterol. I had been following the advice on her web site, but needed an extra boost because I had an appointment in two weeks to have my cholesterol checked. I knew that the doctor would want me to go on a drug to lower my cholesterol. I didn't want to do that. I did exactly what Karen told me to do. Two weeks later, at my doctor appointment, my cholesterol had gone down 21%.

Thank you, Karen, for your web site and our conversation. You're the greatest!

B.V., Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Just wanted to let you know that since I called you about 6 months ago my kidney function GFR went from 43 to 59.3.  The nephrologist was wrong when he said that nothing I could do would stop the downward spiral.  Also  Check this out:

  2010 2011
Total Chol. 295 215
HDL-C 57 63
Non-HDLC 238 152
LDL-C 208 141
Trigly 152 53

My doctor was impressed!!!

C. K.

Good morning Karen: I would love for you to share the success you helped me gain with my high cholesterol. In December 2008 I heard you speak at Valley Brook church and started to use some of what I heard. At that time my labs were: Total cholesterol= 272, HDL= 32, Triglycerides= 136 and LDL= 198.

In June 2009 I had my lab work redone and the numbers amazed me. My Total cholesterol was down to 202, HDL up to 42, Triglycerides= 40, and my LDL was down to 134. I still have a way to go. I even cheated a lot. The changes in my diet have also helped me immensely with the surgery I have had done for my colon. Thank you so much for doing what you do.


L.H., Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Dear Karen,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. For years I've been struggling to get my cholesterol down below 200.

I started taking Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10, at first it helped. I continued even though I felt it wasn't very effective. I knew that it would help if I was more active, but...that wasn't happening enough or consistently.

I knew I didn't want to take drugs. I was looking for a healthy way to lower my cholesterol. Nothing I was doing was helping. I also wanted to lose weight so I really tried to eat healthy and make better choices and better portion control.

 My daughter told me about your website so I checked it out and I was hooked. I watched one of your video clips and the way you explained things made so much sense. I looked up cholesterol and to my amazement, understood what you were talking about.

I followed your steps by eating right and exercising and my cholesterol went from 276 (the highest) to 219 (it hasn't been that low in years), in one month. When I saw that, I cried. I give plasma every month so that is how I'm able to monitor my total cholesterol. Next time I give is 10/31 and I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

I've also lost 6 pounds, so far!

Thank you, Karen.

T.K., Coral Springs, Florida

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