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In April 2000, I had been experiencing severe pain in my lower legs, especially the right leg. My doctor called it claudication. It would occur when I walked and I could not walk more than 200 feet without pain. I was referred to a vascular surgeon who operated on my leg arteries May 9, 2000. He cut the arteries, removed sections, scraped them and sewed them back in. I was disappointed in the healing process to find I still had pain when I walked; the surgeon said it was because the little arterial branches were clogged with plaque and they couldn't help them.

I contacted a friend who had been working with Karen Hurd for a different problem. I decided to call Karen, who put me on a regimen of diet and vitamins. Within about four months, I had lost 25 pounds from 147 to 122. My legs were not hurting as much and they continued to improve so that now I am able to walk a mile and more without discomfort. Karen had me increase carbohydrates so I would not continue to lose weight. I am now stable at 121 pounds.

In April of 2000 my cholesterol was 240. In April of 2002, my cholesterol was 195, HDL was 75, LDL 107, and triglycerides 68. My total cholesterol to HDL ratio was 2.6, which puts me at no risk for heart disease and at the point where plaque reversal can occur. Obviously, I have had plaque reversal because the brachial index on my left and right leg had lowered so much that the doctor said that I no longer needed to see him. I have decreased my blood pressure medication substantially and am reducing even now again as my blood pressures have continued to improve.

I attribute all of my improvement to the diet and supplementation that Karen had me do. I am so glad that I found her.

I.R., Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

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