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June 9, 2015

Thanks so much for the great lecture on diabetes last night.  It was so very informative (and entertaining).  Even though I've read articles on your website many, many times and you've worked with me over the phone and in your office since 2011, it was a great refresher course.  It is such a complex subject, I could hear it every day and still learn something. 

Through the Grace of God and guidance of Karen R. Hurd, I'm now a former Type II diabetic.


God Bless!

A.D., Prescott, Wisconsin

If, like me, you were faced with the absolute need to begin using insulin for diabetic control, you would still have a choice. Yes or no! I chose NO! But that meant an alternative diet/nutrition plan. And you know what? By following Karen's restrictive diet and supplement plan, I have brought the diabetes under tight control and avoided having to go on insulin therapy for the rest of my life. It is difficult but "worth the price".

J.B., Fall Creek, Wisconsin

You are AWESOME!!!!!!

Just a quick update on my husband.  He is doing fabulous!!!!

His first appointment with you was Saturday afternoon. Saturday night he took only 15 units of his Lantus because his glucose was 154.  Sunday morning his blood glucose was 76.......Sunday night 74........Monday morning 82.........Monday night 74.  He has not taken any insulin since Saturday night. 

He is amazed at how fast not having sugar or the complex carbohydrates changes how he feels.  He is now a true believer and is on the road to a great, healthy life.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

If more people with diabetes could look beyond the list of medications that are given as their only option, how much better they could be and feel.  Thank you again.

P.B. (& D.B.), Rockland, Wisconsin

Dear Karen,

I got your weight loss CD in December of last year and did a kind of hit-and-miss try at losing weight and you know the results. I had been eating beans three times a day and the veggies sometimes. No results.

I got real serious about this six days ago as I just got fed up with half measures. In just six days my insulin dose has gone from 80 units a day of Lantus to 40, and from 48 units of NovoLog to 28, and still dropping.

My diabetes nurse at the V.A. is wondering what hit me. I have had to call twice this week for guidance on my insulin dosages, and I love it!

I had no idea that there was a way out of this labyrinth but now I know and am a dedicated dieter for life, and I will just keep eating veggies, beans, and meat, chicken, or fish in the manner you lay out in your CD.

I just want to say may God bless you and the ministry you are in. Thank you so much from an old slow starter.

Jack White, Cleveland, Tennessee

Seven months later:
I am still on the diet and am still losing weight, drinking lots of water, and enjoying the benefits of not having to take insulin and being 61 pounds lighter.

I have shared my DVD and my CDs and also the book I ordered, And They Said It Wasn’t Possible, with a number of other people. So far six to seven people have started the diet and all are very pleased with the results. One lady in church told me she had never been able to lose more than three pounds and was shocked to discover she had lost six pounds the first week.

I am so grateful to the Lord that he used someone else here in our church to tell me about a friend in Wisconsin who had gone on a bean diet and lost weight and also got off of insulin. At first I was skeptical and my first efforts were not effective. I didn't use all five points of attack on weight and my weight loss was minimal. Then I got tired of fooling around, got serious, and applied all five points—and the weight started to come off. But the amazing thing was how fast my insulin requirements changed! I had to stay in contact with my endocrinologist at the V.A. and she walked me through it.

I want to thank you for your kind interest and express my gratitude to Karen for sticking to her guns and learning the way out of this self-defeating pattern of eating that most of us have followed all our lives. When I became diabetic the doctors and nurses all said diabetes couldn’t be cured, and I believed it. Not anymore. I tell anyone who will listen: there is a way out.

Thank you so much,
Jack White, Cleveland, Tennessee

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