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I have fibromyalgia. I went to see Karen on July 26, 2008. I knew about Karen two years before I went to see her, but I was just too stubborn to want to change my life style. I was taking 6 Tramadol and 6 Tylenol per day as well as 300 mg. of an anti-depressant to help me sleep. When the pills were no long working, the doctor suggested that I try narcotic medicine for the pain. I didn't want to do this at 55. What would I tell my grandkids? Grandma takes narcotics, but don't you. I had to stop working full time and only work 1/2 days so that I could sleep in the afternoon. I also had to hire a driver when I went out of town on business as it was no longer safe for me to drive as I got too tired. I was always in pain. I would say usually about a 5 out of 10. I had learned to ignore it as much as I could, but some days were really bad. My husband and I would only go on vacation to places that I could rest. I could not walk very far nor do the sports that I enjoyed so much.

I have been with Karen 3 years now, and I am still thanking her and God for her work. I am off all medication for my fibromyalgia. It took 1 1/2 years to be drug free, but what a relief! I am now walking 3 miles per day or biking 4 miles, and I can do yoga on my Wii fit machine. I have taken up kayaking, and I really love it. My husband and I have our life back, and we have been able to go on trips, etc., and enjoy time away.

I have given my doctor a copy of the DVD that Karen made and he is fine with my diet. Karen had me work with him to cut back on my medicine, and it was great. At my last physical, my doctor said I was doing great and to keep it up.

I do not find the diet restricting in the least. I have learned to carry my beans with me and tuck them on a salad, etc. If I don't bring it up, most people don't even notice. I take nuts with me as a treat when we go for "coffee" after church. At first you get teased a little, but then no one even notices what you are eating. The Bean Queen cookbook has been a real help. The salads are delicious. My husband and I have even perfected a pizza crust recipe that we both like.

I can't say enough about the work Karen does and how she gives of herself. She is really a Christian in action.

Louise D.

Jane is a client of mine (Karen Hurd's) who suffered with fibromyalgia for years. She is a nurse, however, when she contacted me she was on a leave of absence because her pain was so severe she was no longer able to work. She came to me with many problems including the fibromyalgia. She was not able to sleep well - only four to six hours each night, she had restless leg syndrome, high blood pressure, some intestinal problems with cramping, endometriosis, as well as mood swings and foggy thinking. Cysts on her vocal cords and a feeling of being cold all the time completed her picture of ill-health.

She had been to see several different health professionals and taken many different prescription medications to no avail. The fibromyalgia pain had become so intense that she literally was in tears much of the time. She could not move without pain. She loved her job of nursing and it was very disheartening to her that she was so ill that she couldn't work anymore.

She had gained weight during the course of the treatments that were used to try and control her pain. By the time I first met with her, she was absolutely miserable. She hurt all over at all times. She had gained so much weight that she felt depressed, and her career looked like it was forever lost.

You are probably reading this and thinking "What a bleak picture! What can possibly be done?" You may be one of these people and understand completely how this woman felt, or maybe you have never experienced anything like this and aren't aware that there are many people that are this miserable. But there are answers to these problems, as Jane began to discover.

I set up a specific plan for healing tailored to Jane to address her many problems. In just a few short months she was showing tremendous improvement. Her fibromyalgia pain was quick to disappear. Her other problems showed rapid improvement also. But Jane's biggest struggle was to stick to the plan. Jane is not gifted with a lot of self-discipline. The sweets called to her and the caffeine was difficult to give up. She would do very well for a stretch and all her health problems would respond readily. Then she would slide backwards, start the sweets and caffeine again and then the fibromyalgia was back.

It was several months before Jane was able to be completely consistent with the things she needed to do. However, she did eventually make the changes grow into patterns and a new lifestyle, and so she conquered all of the problems that she presented with when I first met her. Today, she is still pain-free (it has been three years), feels great, sleeps wonderfully, AND is back at the hospital working in her nursing profession.

I will quote a portion of a letter that Jane sent to me. "Dear Karen, Thank you so much for helping me. My only regret is that we didn't meet several years ago."

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