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January 9, 2015

My almost 14 year old black lab, Kolby, had gotten into my pantry and ate almost 5 pounds of sugar. He appeared drunk within six hours after ingesting it and could hardly stand or walk. The next morning when Kolby went to put his head down he would shake and fall over. His symptoms slowly decreased over the course of two weeks. For almost three weeks his head had a severe side tilt. He is back to normal except the sugar caused permanent vision loss and night blindness. We thought for sure we would lose him! Amazing what a powerful neurotoxin sugar is!! Bad stuff!


September 3, 2014

Dear Karen,

For days I have been composing a letter in my mind to thank you for making my life better. You don’t know me but I feel like I know you through a good friend. She suffered severe ulcerative colitis and because of all of your extensive research on proper nutrition, she is a healed person. She is quick to share her amazing story and I was one of those fortunate people to hear it.

Here’s my story. Last November during a routine medical exam, a large fibroid was discovered in my uterus. I was so scared. I didn’t know what fibroids were and couldn’t figure out how it got there. After my sonogram was complete, I was informed that it was 8 to 9 centimeters—a very large fibroid. My gynecologist told me that it would never go away and would most likely shrink during menopause. It had not been causing me problems but I did notice more frequent trips to the bathroom. What bothered me most was why my body grew such a thing and was there really no solution except for surgery? Upon sharing this with my friend, she expressed that she really felt you could help.

I have not scheduled a phone consultation with you but I have listened to your lecture on CD If You’re Gonna Eat Like the Devil, You’re Gonna Feel Like the Devil. I have listened to the CD at least four or five times. I’ve also read your book And They Said It Wasn’t Possible. This was another eye opener.

A few months ago with my new-found knowledge, I started the “bean diet.” I’m thankful I like beans so I have no problem eating them warm right from the can. I have also introduced almond milk into my diet (I was a huge milk drinker), and cut way back on sugar intake—even limiting my fruit. The first thing I noticed was that I lost seven pounds. I am tall and slender so I wasn’t really setting out to lose weight but still needed to lose a few. I have been able to maintain at my current weight for several weeks now.

My next success was my cure from life-long constipation. There were times I would go three days without a bowel movement. Those days are over for which I am thankful.

Then came another success story. For over twenty years, I have been suffering from hay fever. My younger brother living two hours from here suffers too. Every year it hits around the same time—the third week in August. It peaks over Labor Day but stays pretty bad until a hard freeze. It is so predictable that I sometimes write the date on my calendar and call my brother. Within a day or two we are both experiencing full-blown hay fever. This year was different. Last week on August 27, I spent two hours in the garden weeding with my husband. I told him I should be suffering terribly but I was experiencing no symptoms, I said in disbelief…“Could it be this bean diet?” He told me that the true test would be to call my brother. The next day I was on the phone. You could hear it in his voice. He told me he was miserable and had been for the past two weeks. I immediately started preaching to him about the bean diet. He was all ears.

I need to be scheduling a sonogram for my fibroid in the next month. I fully expect it to have shrunk. I used to be able to lie on my back and feel it. It felt just like a hard pool ball. I can’t feel it anymore.

Thank you so much for all of your exhaustive hours of research so that others can lead better lives. I have such a desire to share your research with others and am puzzled that the medical profession doesn’t have this knowledge or understanding. My hope is that someday they will. You can be sure that if my fibroid has shrunk, my gynecologist will be hearing about this diet.

Again, keep up the good work and thank you for giving your Creator the credit. I know He will bless you for that.

Very sincerely,
(Anonymous for web)

Emily Jane takes us through her journey of pain, hopelessness, and ultimately healing.


It is my hope and prayer that you are doing well. You will never know how many folks you have helped and I just want to say thank you for doing what you do and what you've done. My wife and I have given away well over 100 copies of And They Said It Wasn't Possible with amazing results reported from all that took the time to follow your advice.

S. C.

I began seeing Karen in September 2009. At that time I had low thyroid levels, and felt that this issue was also causing my low energy and weight gain. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being best, in the past I'd had an energy level of 8. Now I was plodding along with only a 4. I was also about 50-60 pounds overweight. Although I had been diagnosed with the low thyroid levels in December 2008, I had refused medication and was trying other things. Nine months later I was at Karen R. Hurd Nutritional Practice to try this avenue.

By November, just 2 months after I'd started with Karen, my energy was already up; it had definitely increased. I had also lost 12 pounds. Not only were these results pleasing, I had an added benefit: I could think more clearly.

The next month I talked with Karen again by phone. I had more good news to report. I had been losing hair, but the hair loss had now slowed. And, my eyebrows were actually growing back!

It's the slow and steady that wins the race, isn't it? Well, I was continuing on my trek for better health. Although I can't say that I was 100% perfect on following Karen's dietary recommendations, I was obviously doing enough to see more results in January 2010. Besides the big issues of thyroid, weight gain, and energy, I'd also had on-and-off joint pain. I'd had an ankle injury years ago, and it would pain me sometimes since then. In January I was able to report that my ankle was doing well; this was a BIG, BIG improvement! I told Karen that it had been years since I had felt so well. I also had less gas than I used to, because of all the beans I was eating.

By May 2010 (7 months after starting), my energy was at such a good level I no longer needed to take naps. I had also lost a total of 16 pounds. Then came the really good news. I received my lab results. My thyroid levels were normal!

Since that time, I have been released as Karen's client. We accomplished our main goal. I've been in touch with her once or twice since then to thank her. I also had to tell her that my March 2012 thyroid results were also normal. I know in my heart that God led me to her for healing, and I've thanked Him many times for it.

Shirley O., Birchwood, Wisconsin

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