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Thank you so much for the recommendation of reading one of Karen's books. I read And They Said It Wasn't Possible.

My doctor emailed me and told me I was hypothyroid, and told me there were no other treatments available and no dietary or exercise changes I could make, and said that I would most likely be on medication for the rest of my life.

I am a mother of one, and plan to be a mother of many more, and the thought of being dependent upon a medication for the rest of my life and synthetically changing my internal chemical balance while pregnant or breastfeeding was just...horrific.

After reading the book and browsing the health topics on the website, I decided to follow the Gallstone plan for healing. I had originally gone in to my doctor for my gallbladder pain that was coming back (I had 3 attacks and 2 expensive hospitalizations while pregnant).

I planned on eating 6 half-cup servings of beans every day. It was my goal to improve my health by at least 10% in 3 months by this method before I considered going on medication.

When I finally had the courage to have my blood work done this month, I was shocked by the results. I am almost within a normal range now. In just 4 months, my TSH dropped from 26 to 6! I feel better, I feel happier. My mother insists that I need to write a book and go on Oprah, but I told her Karen already wrote one.

I thank God for Karen, her courage, her wisdom, her books, and her website. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kristin Redford
Brentwood, CA

I began seeing Karen in September 2009. At that time I had low thyroid levels, and felt that this issue was also causing my low energy and weight gain. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being best, in the past I'd had an energy level of 8. Now I was plodding along with only a 4. I was also about 50-60 pounds overweight. Although I had been diagnosed with the low thyroid levels in December 2008, I had refused medication and was trying other things. Nine months later I was at Karen R. Hurd Nutritional Practice to try this avenue.

By November, just 2 months after I'd started with Karen, my energy was already up; it had definitely increased. I had also lost 12 pounds. Not only were these results pleasing, I had an added benefit: I could think more clearly.

The next month I talked with Karen again by phone. I had more good news to report. I had been losing hair, but the hair loss had now slowed. And, my eyebrows were actually growing back!

It's the slow and steady that wins the race, isn't it? Well, I was continuing on my trek for better health. Although I can't say that I was 100% perfect on following Karen's dietary recommendations, I was obviously doing enough to see more results in January 2010. Besides the big issues of thyroid, weight gain, and energy, I'd also had on-and-off joint pain. I'd had an ankle injury years ago, and it would pain me sometimes since then. In January I was able to report that my ankle was doing well; this was a BIG, BIG improvement! I told Karen that it had been years since I had felt so well. I also had less gas than I used to, because of all the beans I was eating.

By May 2010 (7 months after starting), my energy was at such a good level I no longer needed to take naps. I had also lost a total of 16 pounds. Then came the really good news. I received my lab results. My thyroid levels were normal!

Since that time, I have been released as Karen's client. We accomplished our main goal. I've been in touch with her once or twice since then to thank her. I also had to tell her that my March 2012 thyroid results were also normal. I know in my heart that God led me to her for healing, and I've thanked Him many times for it.

Shirley O.
Birchwood, Wisconsin

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