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Twelve years ago I came to Karen seeking help for my weight problem. At that time, I had been trying to exercise with the Curves program to accomplish this feat. After a few weeks of working with their equipment, I noticed I was becoming short-winded, so I decided to stop by the local clinic to see if this might be heart related. Coming in with this complaint caused a big stir. I was given an EKG, which was normal, but that wasn't satisfactory. They put me in ICU, ordered some more tests, and wanted to give me morphine for pain (which I didn't have!). I promptly refused the drug, stating they didn't have a diagnosis for heart problems yet, thus I would not take this drug. The nurse agreed. After a night in the hospital and over $4000 in bills I was released with no heart problems.

I contacted Karen, who after checking my blood tests determined I only had a panic attack, due to the stress I was putting on my body with the excessive exercising. She told me that I didn't need to do this strenuous exercise to lose weight, only eat right and do some moderate exercise, like walking, if I chose. That diet became a whole new way of eating for me and some members of my family. I now understood the importance of what we eat and how the body works to keep us healthy, if we give it the proper nutrition. I lost over 60 pounds with Karen's diet and have kept it off for over ten years now (picking up a few pounds during the winter months when I'm unable to get out and walk—but I do walk when the temps are 20 or above).

During the past 12 years I've only been sick once and I knew my immune system was weakened at that time, due to all the activities I was involved in. I feel like Karen gave me a real treasure when she shared with me the tools to keep my body healthy, enabling me to have the stamina and energy to go all day long and accomplish many of my dreams in the process. This was all in my late 60s, so never let anyone tell you, "It's too late," or you can't lose weight after you reach 50, etc.  All things are possible when you believe in your Creator and yourself. 

Thank you, Karen, for all you have done for me and my family!!

K. Wesselink, Beldenville, Wisconsin

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