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I have only been bitten twice so far this summer and the mosquitoes are especially bad this summer here in Chilliwack, British Columbia. I was wondering why when my husband and I were having a barbecue at a friend's house, that everyone but me were being bitten by mosquitoes because I have been bitten before. They wouldn't touch me! I was joking about it with them and they said my blood probably wasn't sweet enough (but I do love chocolates). Then I was bragging to a lady at work about my hardly been bitten this summer and she asked me if I was taking B vitamins. I said yes, I was taking a multivitamin that was high in the B vitamins. She had recently traveled to Australia and said the mosquitoes were really bad there and that Australians take B vitamins to ward off the mosquitoes. Imagine that! I had never heard that before but it made sense because I seem to be immune to them this year!

Heather Cathcart, British Columbia

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