- Menopause -

I contacted Karen to help me because I was on hormonal replacement therapy to "assist" me through menopause. However, the hormones kept me having monthly cycles. I was 55 years old and still bleeding! I was very nervous about discontinuing the hormones. I had heard so many horror stories about menopause. After talking to Karen, and learning how the endocrine system works throughout menopause, I decided to stop the hormonal replacement therapy. I was very excited as well as nervous those first few months. I followed the plan that Karen set up for me. After only two months, I had ceased bleeding altogether. I felt wonderful. I was so pleased. After four months, I visited my OB/GYN. The doctor couldn't believe it. I was doing so beautifully. I was 100% better off than before. I didn't have the emotional ups and downs. I was as pleased as punch.

Besides helping me to get off of the hormone replacement therapy, Karen has always been there for me. When I was in Australia and had a terrible time with diarrhea, I called her and she was able to help me even though I was thousands of miles away. She has helped me prevent osteoporosis without the use of the drug Fosamax. She has helped me rid myself of warts, treat infected bug bites, fight off pneumonia and yeast infections, all without the use of drugs.

Everything Karen has recommended for me has worked like a charm - but I don't believe in charms! Thank you, Karen, so very much for helping me to get off hormones and to become a normal middle-aged woman (instead of an abnormal one)!

A.B., College Station, Texas

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