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I've battled morning sickness (all day sickness) for each of my last 3 pregnancies - the first being the worst - vomiting and nausea the entire first trimester, so much so I lost 20 lbs. - not good when you're pregnant! The next two were better, as I only felt nausea all day every day for most of the first trimester, sometimes a few weeks longer. It was treacherous, though! I was bound to the couch and thank the Lord my husband worked from home so I could rest as much as I could and he could help keep an eye on the children.

I tried all of the remedies I could find online. Nothing worked. I just chalked it up as part of the process. I've always wanted a lot of children, and have been blessed with healthy pregnancies and babies and fairly easy labors; however, whenever the morning sickness hits, each time, I doubt more and more that I could have the large family I desired. I just didn't know how many more I could go through.

Then, with my fourth pregnancy, I came across some moms chatting online about how beans cure morning sickness. I laughed! But of course, followed the link provided and read Karen Hurd's explanation of how beans help. I got out a can of black beans, rinsed them off, and ate as much as I could handle, and I immediately felt relief from my nausea. Yay! I followed her instructions and just ate the beans as needed. The next day was my first full day of relief from nausea. Now I am going on a week of relief! I only need a few spoonfuls a day. I am getting to the point of dreading eating the beans, but I just plug my nose (my kids ask me why I am "honking" my nose... hahaha) and sing a happy song in my head and push through a few spoonfuls because I know I'll feel great!

Thanks, Karen, for revealing this "mystery" and making it available to the public.

D.W., College Station, Texas

I contacted you several months ago regarding gall bladder issues, and successfully followed your legumes remedy! By Christmas I was symptom free.

I am emailing you again to let you know that recently I found out I was pregnant with my 5th child. With each pregnancy the nausea seems to get worse! Anyway, I have been following the legumes remedy for almost one week. I am stunned - astounded - at the difference. I was so sick - to the point of being on anti-emetics and not getting out of bed. I literally cried out to God in my bed because I have a family to take care of. Well, He heard me (Psalm 3:4).

I don't have any questions, just a fantastic report. After several days I am still having to eat legumes about every 2-3 hours but with each passing day I feel better, it is getting less and less. I noticed I seem to have what I assume is a surge of hormones at different times during the day - mostly at night - and can feel the nausea coming on along with feeling cold and sweaty, and feeling not like myself.

The simplicity is amazing. I am going to tell my OB about this as well as your website and make sure they hear me. So many women could benefit from this!

Karen, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am looking forward to actually enjoying this trimester of my pregnancy for once! May God richly bless you for sharing your knowledge. My husband thanks you too!!

L.W., Lyme, Connecticut

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