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I was an over-the-road truck driver in 1998. I started having problems with my legs becoming numb. I went in to have an MRI and the MRI showed nothing, although the numbness continued until June of 2001 when I was diagnosed with MS. I had relapsing-remitting and I was out of work. Then in 2003 my MS changed into Progressive, and I was introduced to Avonex injections. I began looking for other methods for a healthy lifestyle. That is when I met Karen Hurd at an MS Support Group meeting. I started a strict diet to gain weight as I was under weight. This is my diet that I follow! I can't eat fruit, sweets, dairy, no sugars (regular, or artificial); no pork, and only lean meats. I eat plenty of beans! I eat raw garlic, and take cod liver oil, flaxseed oil, and lecithin. I drink lots, and LOTS, and LOTS of WATER!!!!! Whew! No Caffeine! I've gained around 20 pounds and I'm in pretty good condition, considering that I have MS. Some days are worse than others. I don't use a cane, or walker. I can still ride a bike and take short walks around the block. I would recommend this program to anyone! And I'm still not taking any injections (for the multiple sclerosis)!

T.C., Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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