- Ovarian Cyst-

June 16, 2015

Hi, Karen. In January 2015 I had an ultrasound because of abnormal bleeding and cramping. It showed a cyst on my right ovary. The endometrial lining was also thickened, which my doctor suspected was caused by hormonal fluctuation triggering the lining to grow. That month I called you and got an eating plan. Just 10 days after starting, the knee pain I’d also been experiencing was getting better. At one month in it was pretty much non-existent. The best news came one month in, as well. The cyst was gone! Thank you beyond words for everything!

I have to tell you, after I had this success, I went back to eating junk. I recently had my annual physical and they found another cyst. Just three months of eating poorly, and my problems are back. Food and lifestyle really do have an impact on health! I am ready to get back to eating well, and seeing the positive changes in my health. I look forward to this new cyst meeting the same end as the last, as I commit to eating well.

M.B., Chippewa Falls, WI

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