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In April 2010 I set up an appointment with Karen for her to give me advice about my son Max. Max was only 6 years old, but already had had several surgeries because of his sinus problem. Three times the doctors removed his tonsils and adenoids, but each time they grew back. The sinus problems were so bad that Max had two different sinus surgeries, but nothing really fixed the problem.

Max was using a Neti pot twice daily and had to use a nasal spray at night. On top of his sinus problems, he also had chronic eczema. We took him to several doctors, including all the way to Madison. We thought that allergies might be the cause of his distress. The last doctor in Madison said that although it could be allergies, the solution was definitely not changing Max’s diet. After living with my boy through all his troubles, I said, “I beg to differ,” and decided to contact Karen.

Karen eliminated sweets and dairy from Max’s diet, and among her other recommendations told Max that he had to eat nuts and seeds, and beans.  After just two weeks we were already seeing improvement! After 3 weeks his skin was so much better that he didn’t cry when we applied sunblock—and it had always burned horribly in the past.  And, Max, who had been showing signs of ADD, was now able to sit still and focus!

By the time we made it to a month and a half on Max’s new diet, I was just amazed at the changes we were seeing. Max was not itching at all, he was focusing and sitting still in summer school, and his sinuses were 10-fold better! In fact, his skin was so smooth, it was better than when he was a baby.

We continue to follow Karen’s diet for Max. He is doing really well. His skin is still AMAZING...we cannot thank Karen enough for that. It is truly amazing to be able to see him not itch...for months. His sinuses were doing really well until the ragweed season started, but it’s not the worst it has been. And too, it’s only been four months of the new diet. We know eventually Max will get so healthy that these things won’t bother him anymore. We’re looking forward to that!

Karen, thank you for helping our son! We spread the word of how wonderful you are to many.

Shanna & Glenn
Neenah, Wisconsin

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