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I just wanted to share a quick testimony to the work of Karen Hurd.

When our daughter Claire was born, we were adamant about not vaccinating. After ridicule from a doctor and all the "what-ifs" thrown at us about the horrible things that could happen if we did not vaccinate her, we decided that maybe our justification to not vaccinate was wrong. At her 2 month well-baby check-up, we felt pressured into vaccinating and went ahead and did so. What a mistake.

Within a week our healthy, vibrant, and alert infant was fussy, spitting up, and barely moving her arms and legs. She would no longer lie on her tummy and would scream in pain when picked up. After a month of worry and feeling that her behavior was due to the vaccines we had given her, I called Ms. Hurd.

She was understanding and honest. Ms. Hurd gave us direction for what to do to help with the situation.

Within a few weeks we noticed dramatic differences in our daughter's behavior. We kept in contact with Ms. Hurd for several months and she continued to give us direction. Claire is now 16 months old. She is a healthy and happy toddler and we couldn't be more thankful!

Thank you Karen! We couldn't be more thankful for what you've done for our daughter!

Melissa J., Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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